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PERRLA Online lets you write APA and MLA papers with our Paper Editor from any web-browser.
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What is PERRLA Online?

Not flying cars or robot butlers.

PERRLA was founded in 1998 to help students by taking the hassle out of formatting papers. We’ve done that and we’ll keep doing that - but we can do more. That is what PERRLA Online is all about. We’re building next-generation tools to help students succeed. And the best part is, we’re just getting started!

Check out these recent additions.

Here are some of the many things we’ve added since we originally rolled out PERRLA Online…

  • Paper Editor lets you type your entire paper online without Microsoft Word. Watch it in action!
  • Repeating Assignments Weekly reading? Create it once and you’re done.
  • Repeating To-Do’s Repeating To-Do’s. See what I did there?
  • Syllabus Tool for extracting Assignments, Papers, and more. Watch it in action!
  • Class Dashboard gives you a bird’s eye view of everything for your Class.
  • Dropbox Integration to keep track of your Class’ files.
  • Exams suck. At least now you can track Exams on your calendar.
  • Global Search to find anything with just one button.
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… our PERRLA Online web-based application AND our PERRLA for Word software.  PERRLA Online allows you to write APA and MLA papers and manage all of your schoolwork from anywhere using only a web browser.  PERRLA for Word works directly with Microsoft Word to help you create perfectly formatted APA and MLA papers.  You don’t have to choose… you get both!

How PERRLA Online Works

Click on each screenshot below to see it in action.

Create perfectly formatted Papers using the Create New button on each page.

PERRLA creates your paper & formats everything for you (margins, spacing, headings, sections, etc.).

The Reference Wizard guides you step-by-step to create every type of APA & MLA reference.

PERRLA  automatically builds and updates your Reference section as you work.

Add Citations in seconds with the Reference & Citations panel.

You can also add perfect Headings, Tables, & Figures with PERRLA.

Add additional paper sections like Tables of Content, Abstracts, and Reference Annotations when you export your papers.

We save all your References so you can reuse them in future papers.

Once you’re finished writing, download, print, or email your paper as a normal Word document.

Best of all, you can reach our Customer Support team from 10am-10pm every day.