PERRLA + Word: the original power couple

PERRLA runs side by side with Microsoft Word to make APA & MLA formatting easy.

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What is PERRLA for Word?

Using PERRLA with Microsoft Word

PERRLA for Word  runs side-by-side with Microsoft Word*.  Think of it as a "helper" to Word.  You type the body of your paper in Word but use PERRLA to create and edit your Title Page, References, Citations, etc.  When you make changes in PERRLA for Word, your Word document is updated to reflect those changes.

*For the Windows version of Word, PERRLA lives “inside” Microsoft Word. Click here to see how that works.

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… our PERRLA for Word software AND our PERRLA Online web-based application.  PERRLA for Word works directly with Microsoft Word to help you create perfectly formatted APA and MLA papers. PERRLA Online allows you to write APA and MLA papers and manage all of your schoolwork from anywhere using only a web browser.  You don’t have to choose… you get both!

How PERRLA Works

Click on each screenshot below to see it in action.

Create perfectly formatted Research Papers & Discussion Posts in our desktop app.

PERRLA creates your paper & formats everything for you (margins, spacing, headings, sections, etc.).

The Reference Wizard guides you step-by-step to create every type of APA & MLA reference.

PERRLA  automatically builds and updates your Reference section as you work.

Add Citations in seconds with the Reference & Citations panel.

You can also add perfect Headings, Tables, & Figures with PERRLA.

Add additional paper sections like Tables of Content, Abstracts, and Reference Annotations with just a click.

We save all your References so you can reuse them in future papers.

Once you’re finished writing, print or email your paper just like normal.

Best of all, you can reach our Customer Support team from 10am-10pm every day.

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PERRLA vs. Word

Just no. Friends don’t let friends format APA/MLA papers with Microsoft Word. References created with Word require manual corrections to be truly APA/MLA compliant.

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PERRLA for Word: Mac System Requirements:

Operating System: Mac OS X v10.10 or later
Word Processing Program: Microsoft Word for Mac - 2011 or 2016 versions

PERRLA for Word: Windows System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10.
Word Processing Program: Microsoft Word 2000 or newer (but not the free "Starter Edition")

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