Student Stress-Relief Toolkit

Hey, you! You're looking a little stressed. Even though PERRLA makes writing papers easier, it’s still hard, and sometimes stressful.

Let this page be your refuge from paper-related stress. Now, breathe in, slowly, through your nose... hold it... exhale through your mouth... and see if there's anything here that reduces your stress for a few minutes.

As far as we know, we’re the only company that employs a unicorn. 
Meet Serena J. Sparkles, our magical unicorn of serenity.  Read more

Meet Nigel Doolittle, his dream is to win the lottery in order to
pay off his growing student debt.  Read more

Overdue Paper? Need a Good Excuse?

Well, we don't have any of those, but we've got some entertaining ones!
Check out the official PERRLA Excuse Generator Pro

Customer Profiles

Stressed and struggling? You're not alone. Stories from our customers...
Check out some of these PERRLA Customer Profiles

PERRLA - Radio Commerical

Accuracy. Integrity. And, above all, Humility. That's what makes our software the best in this and all possible future worlds.

Overdue Paper Song

Paper overdue? No prob! Light a candle and play this song for your teacher.

Mobile App Development Meeting

You probably know that we have iOS/Android mobile apps for APA and MLA. Before we built them we recorded a development meeting wherein we brainstormed ideas for mobile apps. We were this close to developing a virtual corndog...

Paper Hatin' Rap

Awwwww yeah! Hatin’ that paper? Check out our rap song and customer-crowd-sourced video...
For more information about this video, click here.

Paper Tigers, Unite!

Ready to revolt against too many papers, amigo?!  Introducing Che Gramarra, revolutionary-for-hire and champion of oppressed students everywhere.  Read more